The 5th Jade Bird Fire Technology Summit held, attended by Zhengtianqi

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On August 14, a sunny, warm day, the 5th Jade Bird Fire Technology Summit took place grandly at the production base in Zhuolu under the theme “co-construction, sharing, common development and win-win”.

Participants in this meeting included senior executives of Jade Bird Fire and over 80 expert representatives from its subsidiaries. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jade Bird Fire, Zhengtianqi Fire Equipment had its chairman Kang Yazhen, deputy general managers Liu Min and Li Chengsi, deputy general managers of sale Miao Ying and Zou Long and representatives of R&D personnel of the company. They engaged in deep discussions and conversations about the technology development and application in the fire industry, jointly exploring the new path to transformative development of Jade Bird Fire under new dimensions.

As a technology summit sustained by Jade Bird Fire, it not only involves technical exchanges inside the company but more importantly provided a brainstorming feast. This summit aimed at increasing the technology level of Jade Bird Fire in the fire protection field through cohering and win-win team collaboration under the theme “co-construction, sharing, common development and win-win”, thereby promoting the global influence of the company’s products on the global arena. 

At the beginning of the event, Chairman Cai Weimin attended the summit and delivered a speech, talking about Jade Bird Fire’s strategy under the new dimensions. As for the first dimension, as Jade Bird Fire has become a domestic giant in fire industry, what should we do under the halo? For the second dimension, after one year of IPO, we gained unprecedented attention and support, a proposition that leads to a question: what should we do? Mr. Cai said these two questions require a process of constructing a cognition, i.e., how to develop our differentiated value in a targeted manner under the magnifying lens of the market given the pros and cons of “industry giant” and “IPO”, a question that was deeply discussed at the meeting.

General Manager Lu Wenhao delivered a speech on the podium, analyzing the economic status quo under the social climate in an easily understandable manner, which has evolved from the previous market economy to a technology economy dominated by R&D. He frankly pointed out that the adoption of new national standards pose more challenges to products and return to the essence is about inspiring product development and innovation. The updating and iteration of black tech products always give markets endless streams of confidence and become the hardcore weapon to defy the market changes. He expressly pointed out two missions: the first mission is to make R&D a solid backing and source of confidence for markets; the second mission is to cultivate the word of mouth and construct the public awareness of Jade Bird Fire as a brand. 

Deputy General Manager Ms. Zou Yao made a speech on the podium, noting that the challenges and opportunities are seemingly empty propositions that should be addressed by combining market demands and voices. Market competition is a very complicated process, including competition on price, customer relationship, technical service and brand goodwill, but the most important aspect is competition based on product technology, which is the prerequisite and cornerstone. When looking back at the social environment affected by the pandemic, at a time when the prices fell beyond the expectations and products become homogeneous, the best way to cope with market crisis is to develop and add new product lines.

Chairman of the technical committee Mr. Yang Zhihua shared his thoughts on the contents and purpose of this summit, emphasizing the innovation and reformation of this summit by looking back at the theme of the fourth summit. Unlike summits in the conventional sense, its purpose is to give an impetus to all subsidiaries of Jade Bird Fire to allow them to benefit technologically and truly realize “co-construction of our platform, sharing of our resources and common development on the platform.” Jade Bird Fire not only focuses on products but also looks into technologies so as to make our fire safety technologies lead the market in the future, he added. 

Other tech experts at the meeting introduced technological achievements and business portfolio of respective companies and departments, while sharing innovative ideas and advanced concepts about product development. This technology summit provided a platform for interactive communication, solidified the collaborative approach tot technological innovation and laid a foundation for win-win cooperation.

As the summit progressed, the ceremony for appointment of chairman and members of Jade Bird Fire’s technical committee officially began, where chairman of the technical committee Mr. Yang Zhihua personally presented certificate of appointment to committee members. After the ceremony, all committee members took a group photo and the appointment ceremony concluded successfully in the presence of participating members. 

Last, the summit came to its climax, when Chairman of Jade Bird Fire Mr. Cai Weimin and President of Jade Bird Fire Safety Research Institute Mr. Zhang Chunzhong jointly unveiled the plaque and announced the inauguration of Jade Bird Fire Safety Research Institute. The formation of the institute symbolized the plan of Jade Bird Fire to intensify its R&D activities and make the company more competitive on its road of future development. 

This summit has milestone significance for the development of Zhengtianqi Fire Equipment, which will continue making breakthroughs in business performance in the fire industry and embrace development opportunities of the fire industry on the global arena with technology as the core engine and on a mission to deeply integrate and mine enterprise value information. 

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